Pico Rivera

Ex-Pico Rivera Teacher Allegedly Held Inappropriate Content on Computer

A former Pico Rivera teacher who was under fire after he made anti-military comments to his students allegedly held inappropriate content in his work computer, according to a report on the investigation that led to his firing.

The report released Tuedsay holds testimonies from students, parents, school counsellors and administrators against Gregory Salcido, according to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. The school district investigation was launched after Salcido's anti-military classroom rant. The report on that investigation was compiled by a company named Paradox Technology.

Salcido allegedly had nude photos of women on his work computer and pictures of a young boy pulling on a "sumo wrestler's thong-like garment." The report also states that the ex-teacher told students that "it should not be illegal to download kiddy porn."

In addition to the inappropriate photographs stored in his computer, Salcido also allegedly used racial slurs and once told his class he would kill them all if he had to protect his family, according to the report.

The report comes after El Rancho Unified School District officials' decision to fire Salcido following a two-month long investigation. Salcido was recorded by a student making demeaning comments about military personnel.

"We've got a bunch of dumb s---s over there," he can be heard saying in the recording. "They're not high level bankers, they're not intellectual people."

Salcido’s comments sparked outrage and protests before school officials decided to terminate his position. His speech even prompted White House chief of staff John Kelly to respond.

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