Family of Boy Shot to Death Seeks Answers on the Streets of LA

The family of a slain teenager took to the streets to look for answers more than half a year after his death.

Police officers and relatives spoke to people in South Los Angeles during rush hour Friday to try and gather information about the August 22 shooting death of 17-year-old Bert Crump Jr.

He fled after being challenged to a fight, but despite jumping into a passing vehicle, he was pursued by his killer and gunned down on the 1200 block of West Gage Avenue in Vermont-Slauson.

"I love my son. I will not stop until this person who killed my son is found," his mother Tawana Lee said "Who is this person on this bike who chased my baby down? He did not deserve that, He was a good boy. He was a caring child. He did not deserve to be chased like an animal."

Police believe he was killed by a gang member offended by the fact he was wearing a red shirt.

"As he was waiting for the bus he was approached by a male who challenged him to a fight. He ran for his life," Det. Eric Crosson, of the LAPD Criminal Gang Homicide unit said, "Our crime happened on  (a) Friday night… people going to and from work, mostly from. We're just trying to reach the same people that were here that night."

Crump was caught on tape running and managed to jumping into the passing car off-camera, however the gunman chased him down on a bicycle, rolled up to the car and fired, wounding the 73-year-old driver and killing the boy.

Investigators said passing out flyers had helped solve open cases before, and they are hoping Friday's efforts will do it again.

Meanwhile faith leaders have called for an end to the violence in the area.

"Black lives matter no matter who's killing us. All killing must stop," Nation of Islam Minister Tony Muhammad said.

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