This Video Will Make You Cry: Family Gifts Dad Late Mother's Voicemail in Toy Bear

Dexter Tinnin of Winston-Salem, North Carolina lost his mother in 2009, so he held onto the final voicemail with his mom's voice on his phone and would listen to it from time to time, according to his family.

Tinnin even refused to switch to an Iphone because the voicemail wouldn't transfer over from his android phone, so for Christmas, his family got creative.

Tinnin's two daughters, Melia and Caroline, and wife managed to get the voicemail and add it to a Build-A-Bear, which allows people to play audio recordings when the bear is squeezed tight.

The Tinnin family gifted the bear with the voicemail to Dexter for Christmas and recorded his emotional response. It's hard to imagine anyone keeping a dry eye watching Dexter's reaction to receiving the Christmas present.

Melia posted the video on Twitter, and by Wednesday afternoon, it had already been viewed more than 3.3 million times.

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