Fan Recalls Doing the Bump With Prince

Four years ago, Paula Madison got to do something few get to do: she got to dance on stage with Prince.

Madison is the former president and general manager of NBC4. She's also owner of the Africa Channel, which got exclusive access inside a Prince concert at the Inglewood Forum for a documentary in 2011. The pop legend was performing at the Forum for three straight weeks.

Madison and comedian George Lopez were one of the few that got to know the man behind the icon.

"The man was a very genteel and beautiful and brilliant man, which matches up with the icon," Madison said. "He was gracious. He was just a very decent, well-mannered, respectful and respectable man."

To fans, Prince was not only music they grew up with, but something they knew was unique and different.

"I grew up listening to Prince," said fan Kevin Prealow. "I remember when Prince first came out, he made his debut on American Bandstand with Dick Clark and he kind of came out of high school. He's a musical genius."

For Madison, Prince was a once-in-a-lifetime dance partner. The two danced on stage together at Madison Square Garden.

"Honest to God, it was the first time in my life I've ever bumped (danced) with a man, because I'm a little too modest for that, so not a bad first time," she said. "Not a bad first time."

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