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The LA You May Not Know: Fanfare Fountains at Gateway Plaza

WET has designed and built fountains all over LA and the world.

Los Angeles, like many big cities, has lots of hidden gems. In this edition of "The LA You May Not Know," we explore one of the best: the Fanfare Fountains at Gateway Plaza.

Located in San Pedro, between the Battleship Iowa and the Vincent Thomas Bridge, the Fanfare Fountains are a delightful combination of music and aquatic choreography.

They were created by WET, a Sun Valley company that has built and designed amazing fountains all over the world. In fact, your first reaction when watching the Fanfare Fountains might be of how they remind you of another WET creation, the Fountains of Bellagio. But one thing the Fanfare Fountains offer is the ability to get close, and even wet, if you like, with a walkway that cuts right through the fountains themselves.

So join our host, Nikki Hauser, as we explore what might the best way to beat the heat, at one of the coolest attractions in LA: The Fanfare Fountains at Gateway Plaza.

WET has designed and built fountains all over LA and the world. Check out this incredible team of artists, technicians and scientists at - https://www.wetdesign.com/default.html

To get more info on the Fanfare Fountains go to - https://www.portoflosangeles.org/recreation/fountain.asp

Produced by Patrick Campbell

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