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‘It's Inhumane': Family Says Man Targeted in Hit-and-Run, Killed

"I think it's inhumane -- somebody leaving somebody like that."

The family of man hit and killed by a car in South Central Los Angeles is searching for answers after the 41-year-old died of his injuries Wednesday night.

Abraham Garcia was found critically hurt after his family said he was run over.

"I think it's inhumane -- somebody leaving somebody like that," the victim's brother Moises said. "It doesn't make sense that people can do that... it just shocks me."

Abraham's younger brother said his brother was humble, hardworking and didn't deserve what happened to him.

Moises said he is still trying to make sense of the tragedy.

Abraham, who dabbled as a rapper called Fats, was on his way home from an overnight shift as a security guard, riding the bus to 59th Street and Western Avenue in the Chesterfield Square neighborhood. They said he must have gotten off at a stop and run into trouble.

Initial reports that morning point to a robbery gone bad and ended with the attackers hitting Abraham with their car.

He ended up at a hospital on a ventilator, badly injured and sedated.

Doctors told the family his ribs were crushed from being run over.

"The doctor said everything collapsed together. The car ran over his chest and maybe dragged him a couple of miles and maybe the car came again," Moises said.

Officers with the Los Angeles Police Department said they can't confirm it was a robbery and were hoping to talk to Abraham before NBC4 alerted them that he had succumbed to his injuries.

His family hopes police can find answers, but his little brother has a message for whoever was behind the wheel.

"I hope you realized you took a family man -- a family man, a working man - and a loving person who loved everybody," Moises said.

LAPD said they'll be in contact with the family as they continue to investigate.

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