Father-Daughter Duo Striving to Raise $10K With Celeb Zoom Parties Hit $5 Million Mark

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Richard Weitz, Hollywood agent and partner with WME, and his daughter Demi started "Quarantunes" shortly after LA went into quarantine, welcoming legendary artists who perform from their living rooms.

The duo's weekly Zoom parties aimed to initially raise $10,000, but it has quickly grown way beyond that goal.

Every week surprise guests perform from their living rooms as about 400 other guests watch from theirs.

"It was just to lift people’s spirits," Demi said.

It started when Demi turned 17 just as LA went into quarantine, so her father called a few of his friends for a Zoom party.

“I got John Mayer and Debbie Gibson to sing me happy birthday. This was a dream I was living so my dad did it again," Demi said.

But the teenager quickly realized she and her dad could do more than entertain their friends.

“I am so grateful to be in this position. Look at the joy we are bringing in a pandemic. We have this platform. We need to raise money, so I made a GoFundMe about 10 minutes before the Zoom started for the Saban Community Clinic," she said.

Her goal was $10,000 for the free health care clinic. They raised $100,000 and the fundraising for nearly a dozen charities hasn’t stopped.

They hit over $2 million in one week.

Richard enlisted the help of legendary music executive Clive Davis. The two have casual chats with the artists, while Richard and Demi serve as hosts from their kitchen, giving the event more of a dinner party feel.

"We are there to do good and we are there to bring a sense of community," Demi said.

It’s a community she and her dad have helped in a big way.

During the last party, they were $14,000 away from reaching the $5 million mark when someone donated to hit that milestone.

They’re not stopping there. This weekend’s events will benefit equal justice initiatives and music cares.

“I did want to be a director but obviously after starting quarantines and having my eyes open to so much in the world and getting out of my little bubble. I never want to stop giving back," Demi said.

"You don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring and I think that’s really why we are so proud to be able to give back," Richard said.

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