Young Father Killed in Car-to-Car Shooting in Playa Vista

The 21-year-old man was in a pickup on a Playa Vista street when several rounds were fired

A young father died after being hit in the chest in a car-to-car shooting in Playa Vista.

Tomas Luna Gomez, 21, who leaves behind a daughter, was shot at Centinela Avenue and Jefferson Boulevard after 8 p.m. Monday, a Los Angeles Police Department spokesman said.

The Los Angeles resident managed to drive away from the scene in his silver Dodge RAM 1500 pickup truck, hitting several vehicles as he went, to Slauson Avenue and Braddock Drive, where he died.

Witnesses at the scene of the shooting said they heard six to eight gunshots coming from a car they refused to describe. They then said they saw the truck take off, ramming cars stopped at a red light trying to get away from the gunman.

Police were investigating both the shooting scene and the site of the man's death, and the scenes were cleared early Tuesday morning. Investigators are looking into obtaining surveillance footage as they try to find leads on the killer.

While police believe it was a targeted shooting, there is nothing to suggest it is a gang-related incident at this time.

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