FBI Tries to Build Relations in Compton, Lynwood and Watts

The event was scheduled from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

FBI officials are meeting with residents in Compton as part of a CREST event Saturday, aimed at building trust between residents and the agency.

"We are used to dealing with local law enforcement and we have kind of a love-hate relationship in the inner city," said resident Ralph Turner Jr.

More than 300 people from surrounding neighborhoods, including residents and clergy members, gathered in Compton's Dollarhide Community Center to listen as FBI executives shared information on violent crimes, human trafficking, identity theft and civil rights issues.

Their ultimate goal is to educate the public and allow a safe platform for conversation.

"The more we have sessions like this and community engagement, the more we build those relationships, which ultimately establishes trust," said  David Bowich, assistant director in charge of FBI Los Angeles. "There are communities out there that don't fully understand the FBI, particularly some of your newer immigrant communities, so it's incumbent on us to make them aware of the checks and balances that are present in the system and make them aware that they can reach out to us."

Turner considered it a step in the right direction in making his community safer for his family and generations to come.

"I think if we come together as a people and as a community, things will be more cohesive and we can move forth into this new world," Turner said.

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