LA County

Female Hiker, Dog Rescued From Steep Cliff Above Altadena

She was rescued on the first attempt, but her dog needed three more.

A female hiker was brought to safety by a rescue helicopter Friday afternoon in Altadena after she could be heard yelling for help. Rescue teams from Altadena, Montrose, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and the LA County Fire Department were dispatched to aid in the search.

She was eventually located about 800 feet down a cliff next to Mt. Lowe Fire Road. She was flown to a local hospital and treated for hypothermia.

But her dog Zeus, a 40 pound pit bull mix, needed three more rescue attempts before he was safely recovered.

Steep terrain initially prevented rescue crews from reaching the dog by foot. An LA County Sheriff's Department helicopter dropped two members of the rescue team near the dog and another attempt was made to secure him in a harness. Zeus remained uncooperative.

The rescue team then used hundreds of feet of rope to hoist a crewmember and Zeus to safety.

During the rescue, one crewmember was injured when a large rock fell 40 feet and struck the right side of his body. His headlamp was knocked off his helmet and he lost feeling in his right hand. He was able to hike out of the area on his own and was treated for a fractured finger.

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