Santa Ana

Ferrari Thief's Two-Week Joyride Ends After Running Out of Gas in Santa Ana

The 458 Spider was stolen from a service center

A car thief who stole a Ferrari from a service center in Costa Mesa was arrested Nov. 1 at a Mobil gas station in Santa Ana after the vehicle ran out of gas.

The thief took the white $340,000 Ferrari 458 Spider on a two-week joyride after he stole it from the Ferrari Maserati of Newport Beach upon finding the keys in the car.

The victim’s boyfriend dropped the vehicle off at the service center and was in disbelief after hearing it was stolen.

"They said, 'Sir, sorry. Your car’s been stolen,'" Eadweard York, the victim’s boyfriend said. "I could not believe it. I was just like in shock."

In his possession, the thief, who was identified as Israel Perez Rangel, caused an estimated $50,000 worth of damage to the Ferrari. The victim, who purchased the car in 2016 and planned to pass it on to her son as a family heirloom, received a check from the insurance company for the depreciated value of the vehicle.

After the experience, York has words of wisdom to offer drivers:

"Be careful who you give your keys to because you may never see your car again," he said.

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