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“It's Powerful to Feel Normal”: Fighter T Brings Fashion to Fight Against Breast Cancer

Frustrated over not finding anything clothing that fit while undergoing cancer treatment, one Los Angeles woman decided to create a shirt of her own

Two Southern California women -- a breast cancer survivor and a fashion designer -- joined forces to create a shirt that meets both fashion and medical needs of women in the fight against breast cancer.

Hoping to take the frustration and confusion out of finding the perfect fit, Allison Gryphon thought up the idea for the Fighter T after battling breast cancer in 2011.

"Sometimes it seems shallow to say I want to feel pretty while I am going through breast cancer treatments but it's really important," said Gryphon, founder of the Why? Foundation. "It's powerful to feel normal."

Gryphon partnered with Los Angeles fashion designer Piper Gore to spearhead the Fighter T's creation, a stylish and practical clothing option for women undergoing breast cancer treatments.

"My father has had cancer twice, and he's doing great now thankfully, but when she told me all this, I was like, 'Oh my gosh, this is perfect,'" Gore said.

During her own treatments, including chemo, surgery, and radiation, Gryphon recalled the demoralizing experience of not being able to find anything that fit her in clothing stores.

"I basically had a breakdown in the store because I had this new body," Gryphon said.

In addition to being form-fitting, the Fighter T is specifically designed to make the road to recovery easier.

"Having a zipper that goes all the way down is a big deal because you want to be able to get things on and off easily," Gryphon said.

The Fighter T is a 100 percent donations-based operation, with all proceeds going back into the process.

"This shirt is everything I wanted after my mastectomy and through my treatment that I didn't have," Gryphon said.

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