Fire Destroys Garage, RV in East LA Neighborhood

Fire tore through a garage and RV in Lincoln Heights Friday.

The fire broke out just before 6 p.m. in the 2300 block of North Hancock Street, near Broadway, a Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman said. People were seen running from the location due to the flames.

It took 52 firefighters 20 minutes to get the fire under control, and while the home on the property was saved, the family was left without electricity overnight. Firefighters believe the blaze started in the garage, which was destroyed along with the RV.

"I heard an explosion from my couch and I just... went outside to check what it was and then it was just up in flames and black," neighbor Melissa Gonzales said.

An adjacent business and home were both singed during the blaze, but escaped serious damage.

Jason Kandel contributed to this report

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