Ailing Peacock Found in Rolling Hills Estates May Have Been Attacked

Nearly 50 peacocks have been killed in Rolling Hills Estate in the past two years

A wounded peacock may have been attacked by someone in the same Southern California coastal community that has seen some 50 peacock killings in the last couple years.

The peafowl, named Flipper, was found Monday in Rolling Hills Estates and the Los Angeles Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said that it was a lucky bird.

"It was in a very dire situation," said Lt. Cesar Perea, of the LA SPCA. "At one point it wasn't able to walk."

The bird was emaciated and suffering from an undisclosed internal wound.

Authorities would not provide specifics due to the ongoing investigation. The bird's wounds matched those of others found slain in the community.

Over the last two years, nearly 50 peafowl have been killed by BB guns, arrows and poison -- some killed over consecutive days -- in the neighborhood of Dapplegray in Rolling Hills Estates.

Perea, who is investigating the cases, said there are no suspects.

Flipper, found flailing and unable to take flight, is expected to recover and will be taken to a sanctuary, Perea said.

Peacocks have been a neighborhood fixture in the community for years. Some neighbors enjoy hearing the shrill caw of the bird, while others find they can be annoying.

"I think they're beautiful and I have no problem with them," Rolling Hills Estates resident Eunice Berman said. "I knew they were here before I moved in here."

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