Dana Point

Fisherman Goes Missing Off Dana Point Shore

An unmanned boat was was spotted spinning out of control in the water.

Two fishermen were tossed off their boat in Dana Point Tuesday morning, one man was found alive in the water hours later, the other is still missing.

The men's unmanned boat was spotted by boaters returning to the harbor spinning out of control at about 11 a.m. two miles west of Dana Point. Two sets of fishing gear were inside the vessel.

The Coast Guard launched a search and rescue team, using a helicopter and watercraft they were able to locate one of the men almost two-in-a-half miles out to sea. He was plucked to safety and taken to a nearby hospital.

He told the rescuers the man he was with, in his 40s, was tossed out of the boat without a life jacket on.

The missing fisherman is described as wearing a white shirt and blue jeans.

The incident is under investigation.

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