Fontana Police Officers Save Kitten From ‘Certain Death'

There were no firemen needed for this cat rescue.

Two Fontana police officers saved a kitten from "certain death."

Officers Richard Guerrero and Tom Moore recently received a radio call regarding a kitten trapped in a locked vehicle.

Guerrero found the cat stuck underneath the rear axle of a Toyota 4Runner. He worked for several minutes to free the kitten, but when it got out it ran to the front tire and into the engine compartment. He was eventually able to get it out again.

"If the owners had driven away, it would've most likely been injured or killed," the department said in a news release.

The kitten was evaluated by animal control officers at the scene and then taken to a rescue shelter.

The officers temporarily named the kitten "4Runner" in honor of its rescue, but the shelter has decided on "Lolita."

Anyone interested in adopting Lolita is asked to contact MEOOWZ RESQ” at

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