“Forget the Clowns”: Girls Dress Up and Dance in Dinosaur Costumes

"Forget the clowns, we've got dinosaurs."

Forget the creepy clown sightings across the country, SoCal’s got dancing dinosaurs.

A San Bernardino County mom wanted to put a smile on people’s faces after all the “negative” news of creepy clown sightings in woods, dark roads and driving in cars. So Bobbie Chandler's three daughters, Kailie Ann, 14, Autumn, 13, and Madison, 7, decided to dress up in dinosaur costumes and dance.

"I went for my nightly walk and … we have freaking dinosaurs on our golf course," Chandler said in a video posted to Twitter.

"Forget the clowns, we’ve got dinosaurs. Run!"

Chandler said the people of Spring Valley Lake have responded positively and that there were a lot of honking cars.

One of the dinosaurs ran alongside a jogger and the "prehistoric creatures" even made an appearance at a local bar and restaurant. 

"You cannot help but laugh when you look at them," she said. 

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