Police Search for Parolee Who Kidnapped, Violently Attacked Woman With Screwdriver

Oxnard police are looking for a man who they say kidnapped his ex-girlfriend and attacked her with a screwdriver, before abandoning her as officers approached.

Shortly before 5 a.m, Jamell Taylor, described as a former boyfriend, entered the home in the RiverPark neighborhood through the front window, then forced the 29-year-old woman to leave with him, according to Oxnard Police Sgt. Chris Inglehart.

"The information we have is when he came through the window, he grabbed onto the victim and used the screwdriver as a weapon," said Inglehart. It was witnessed by the woman's mother, and she called police.

Police located the victim two hours later and three quarters of a mile away near the roundabout at the junction of Ventura Road and Forest Park Blvd. Taylor did not have a car, and it appeared they walked there.

As police neared, it is believed Taylor took off toward Danvers River Street, Inglehart said. Police secured a perimeter and brought in K-9s and air support from the Ventura County Sheriff's Department, but at 8:19 a.m. determined that Taylor was no longer in the area.

The woman had been struck on the head with the screwdriver and suffered a laceration that paramedics treated, Inglehart said. She did not require hospitalization.

Suspect Taylor, 31, was described as short, 5'3" tall, but heavy, around 200 pounds. He was wearing a gray long sleeve shirt and black sweatpants.

Police believe he has connections in the Inland Empire, and may have caught a bus or other transportation, but cannot be sure he's left the Oxnard area.

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