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$1 Million Reward for Capture of Christopher Dorner Shrinks Again

Only about $886,000 will be disbursed, officials say

The $1 million reward offered for the capture of a rogue ex-LAPD officer who went on a deadly shooting rampage in a revenge plot last year will not be paid in full as some donors renege on their pledges, according to the Los Angeles Mayor’s office.

Despite statements last year from Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck that the force remained "committed" to paying out the whole reward after Christopher Dorner's death, only about $886,000 will be disbursed, officials said

Some of the donors argued that conditions of the award, namely Dorner's arrest and conviction, were not met due to his self-inflicted death while surrounded by police in the Big Bear cabin where he was hiding.

Funding for the reward was cobbled together through numerous promises from municipalities, law enforcement agencies and private donors. But the reward started shrinking soon after news broke regarding how Dorner died.

The city of Riverside pulled out its $100,000 portion of the reward last year, saying their pledges were contingent upon the capture and conviction of Dorner.

"There was never an intent to authorize a reward knowing it wouldn't be paid," Riverside Councilman Mike Gardner said after the city announced its intention to withdraw.

Many of the donors, including ones who dropped out, chose to remain anonymous, said Vicki Curry, a spokeswoman for the mayor's office. The city of Los Angeles contributed the portion of the fund it promised, she added.

The bulk of the reward was designated to Jim and Karen Reynolds, a couple that was held by Dorner in their Big Bear cabin and alerted police about Dorner’s location.

Two other people -- a tow-truck driver who spotted the fugitive at a Corona gas station, and a ski resort worker who found Dorner’s burned-out truck in Big Bear Lake – also received a portion of the money.

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