Fuel Station Awning Collapses Under Weight of Water From Sheared Hydrant

The Chevron awning ended up in a V shape after it buckled and crashed down onto fuel pumps

Surveillance cameras captured a San Bernardino County fuel station awning collapse after truck driver backed into a hydrant which sprayed water on top of the structure and caused it to buckle under the weight.

The chain of destruction began early Tuesday outside the Chevron fuel station on Holt Boulevard in Ontario. The sheared hydrant sent a powerful stream of water that collected on the awning's roof, which gave way and crashed down onto fuel pumps.

"It just sounded like twisting metal," said Mario Alvarez. "Finally, it just went down the middle, started bending, and it went down."

No injuries were reported.

Workers were trying to remove the awning to begin repairs Tuesday at midday. It was not immediately clear whether the truck driver who struck the hydrant will be cited.

The gas station was expected to be reopened as soon as Wednesday morning.

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