Los Angeles

Girls Burned in Syrian Acid Attacks to Get Surgery in Los Angeles

Two children, ages 8 and 17, have arrived in Los Angeles for medical treatment after they were burned in acid bombings in Syria.

Aysha and Hamama will be treated by Dr. David Alessi of Beverly Hills.

"Sweet personalities. Lovely children," said the facial plastic surgeon. "To have such horrible things happen to them, unimaginable. How could you not want to help them?"

Their surgeries are covered by a partnership of charities. The ultimate goal is to help more victims from Syria and conflict zones worldwide.

"We normally bring them to Galveston, Texas," Susan Baaj, Chairwoman of the Burnt Children Relief Foundation, said. "This is our first time bringing them to L.A. and we're so excited."

Government approval that allowed them to travel requires they return to Syria.

"The State Department has been generous, supportive of our program based on these terms," Baaj said.

Donors and doctors know the girls have a tough road ahead.

"Counseling and therapy is extremely important," the doctor said. "They have to recognize what they're going to be going through, look in the mirror. It's not happening all over again. They're on the road to recovery."

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