San Gabriel Valley

Woman Tied Up With Household Cords in Glendale Home Invasion Robbery

A series of burglaries in Glendale put residents on edge after one escalated into a home invasion robbery where thieves in ski masks tied a woman up using household cords, police said Wednesday.

Burglars were caught on surveillance footage crawling at the side of a home in the 2400 block of Flintridge Drive on Tuesday before the break in, Glendale police said.

The burglars, wearing ski masks, got into the 60-year-old woman's home through a sliding-glass door.

The thieves were taken by surprise just as much as the woman was when she came downstairs after hearing voices.

"She was surprised to see someone in her home and it appeared to her they were just as surprised that someone was home," Sgt. Robert William said.

Using cords around the house, they tied the woman up and stole $70 in cash, police said.

A third person stood outside as a lookout, police said.

Police said beside locking doors and windows, residents should do all they can to make it appear that someone is home at all times.

"One of the best things to do is to leave your car in the driveway instead of just in the garage. It allows the suspects to know somebody is home," William said.

Police said the crew in Glendale is similar to that of the "knock, knock" crews that have been hitting the San Gabriel Valley where burglars knock on doors to see if anyone is home before breaking in.

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