Glendale Police Hold Fundraiser for Shooting Victim

Jorge Acevedo was a victim of a drive-by shooting on Christmas night in 1999 and has since been in a wheelchair

The Glendale Police Department celebrated one of its most loyal and dedicated employees on Thursday, one who has been wheelchair-bound for almost two decades.

A victim of an unsolved drive-by shooting in 1999, Glendale Police Department employee Jorge Acevedo has been in a wheelchair since and a stroke in June that left him partially paralyzed.

Even with the help of his mother, he has a hard time getting in and out of his home. But the Glendale Police Department aimed to turn this around with its March 3 fundraiser that would help pay for a $27,000 lift that would make Acevedo's home more accessible for him.

"Jorge has been an asset to the police department and a very inspiring individual," said Police Chief Robert Castro.

During his employment at the Glendale Police Department as a volunteer and part-time employee, Acevedo has worked at the front desk, performed community outreach and processed evidence entries.

Jorge was delivering Christmas presents to his sister on Dec. 25, 1999 when he was shot multiple times while approaching a stop sign. After an off-duty LAPD sergeant called in paramedics, Acevedo, who aspired to be a police officer, was in a coma for months.

Despite this setback, Acevedo eventually continued his studies to join the police force and has been with the Glendale Police Department for over a decade.

"Even though things happen, it's not the end of the world," said Acevedo. "There are many things you can still do."

Colleague Lt. Tim Feeley said he is an inspiration.

"We see a lot of tough stuff in our line of work, so it's nice to see somebody that's so positive," he said. "It keeps us going and energizes our whole department."

Acevedo's home has been undergoing renovations, and currently a ramp is being installed in front of his house.

Donations can be sent to:

Glendale Police Officers' Association
P.O. Box 245
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