At Least 2 Hurt When Car Crashes Into Bank

An employee inside was hit with a piece of furniture, police say

At least two people were hurt Thursday afternoon when a car crashed into a Glendora bank with customers inside, police said.

The crash was reported about 1 p.m. when a 69-year-old woman lost control of her Mercedes-Benz sedan and drove it into a US Bank in the 800 block of S. Grand Avenue, Glendora Police Lt. Robert Lamborghini said.

One bank employee was hurt when a piece of furniture hit her, Lamborghini said. The employee and the driver were taken to this hospital.

A bank employee may have in fact saved the driver from a more severe injury.

"Somebody in the bank, actually after the accident, pulled my mom out and about two minutes later about a six foot piece of (glass) went right through the sunroof," the driver's son Joe Russi said. " "It would have been very bad."

The cause of the crash was not immediately clear, but police thought the driver may have "experienced some kind of medical issue."

Russi told NBC4, however, that his mom thought the car was in park but it was instead in drive.

There were no serious injuries.

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