Officer Responds With New Sneakers for Shoeless Woman

The woman, wearing socks and no shoes, told Glendora Officer Danny Antillon someone stole her shoes the night before

An officer responded with kindness, compassion and a new pair of sneakers after finding a shoeless woman when he responded Wednesday to a call for assistance.

Glendora Officer Danny Antillon found the disabled woman near a bus stop in the San Gabriel Valley community of Glendora after responding to a welfare request from a nearby doughnut store. The woman, who was wearing only socks on her feet, told Antillon someone stole her shoes the night before.

"She was having some issues walking," Antillon, a 19-year-old member of the department, said. "She kind of didn't want any help at the time, but I figure she needed it."

His colleagues stayed with the woman, possibly homeless, as Antillon drove to the nearest Goodwill. The store wasn't open, but a worker let him enter after he knocked on the door.

He used his own money to buy the only size 6 he could find and returned to the woman with the shoes, water, sweater and a bus pass.

"She seemed pretty happy," Antillon said.

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