Guatemalan Foreign Minister: Country “Needs” Its People

In response to the mass immigration of children and families from Central America and Mexico to the United States, the Guatemalan government is launching a campaign to discourage more people from leaving.

Guatemalan Minister of Foreign Affairs Fernando Carrera said public service campaigns are just one thing the government is doing to detract people from buying into the rumors of human trafficking and heading north.

"We have a responsibility of combating the coyotes networks," Carrera said. "We need our people."

But the Guatemalan government is also asking for the US to respect immigration procedures and hold off on deportations.

"Mass deportations is the wrong approach," Carrera said. "What we want the respect of guarantees and rights people have."

Carrera assured that his government is not asking the US to grant the thousands of immigrant children asylum, but to respect legal policies and procedures.

Meanwhile in the US, the debate continues about what to do with the more than 52,000 immigrants.

Murrieta, Calif. proved a battleground for opponents and supporters of the immigrants -- sparking arrests and the blocking of buses carrying migrant families into Border Patrol facilities.

The minister has his own take on the anti-immigration protest in Murrieta.

"Maybe they don't remember where the grandfather's came from," Carrera said. "People maybe forget their roots."

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