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Gun Sales Decrease Since Trump Took Office: Report

"Gun sales have started to decline since the election of Donald Trump"

California gun sales are nearing the lowest they've ever been according to state data. After the mass shooting in Las Vegas, the deadliest shooting in American history, gun sales didn't go up much despite past trends.

According to data from the California Bureau of Firearms, Californians purchased 17,226 firearms the week after the Las Vegas shooting. That was only a 12 percent jump from the previous week, making it the fifth highest week of gun sales this year.

After the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando last year, however, sales spiked to 45 percent in California the following week and made that the highest weekly total of the year to that point.

Experts say the low sale trend has to do with President Trump being in office.

"Gun sales have started to decline since the election of Donald Trump," said UCLA law professor Adam Winkler. "People feel less need to run out and buy guns."

When President Obama was in office he made many for gun control while in office. Now with Trump in office he has defended gun rights even calling for no gun control after the Las Vegas shooting and the recent church shooting in Texas. Instead, he turned the focus on mental illness in both situations.

"There's not the urgency or urgent need because the window of opportunity is not closing," said Craig DeLuz, a lobbyist with the Sacramento-based Firearms Policy Coalition, which advocates for gun rights.

Reports have shown that background checks were up this year across the country.

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