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Harrison Ford Won't Face Fine for Landing on Taxiway at Orange County Airport

Actor Harrison Ford will not be fined after landing on a taxiway in February at Orange County's John Wayne Airport, NBC News reported Monday.

The 74-year-old "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" actor was in a single-engine plane Feb. 13 when he flew over an American Airlines 737 with 110 passenger on board. Ford was supposed to land on Runway 20 Left, but instead landed on Taxiway C by mistake in a mishap caught on video. 

The FAA does not comment on individual cases, but issued a statement Monday in which they agency said it has "completed its investigation of the incident in which a pilot landed on a taxiway at John Wayne Airport on Feb. 13, 2017."

A source told NBC News Ford is please with the outcome of the investigation, which determined the vintage aircraft collector will not face a fine or undergo remedial pilot training.

In audio recordings of his exchange with air traffic control, Ford apologized for the incident and called himself a "schmuck." The taxiway on which he landed the Aviat Husky runs parallel to Runway 20L.

"I'm the schmuck who landed on the taxiway," Ford told an air traffic controller.

The American Airlines plane was waiting on the taxiway for takeoff.

Ford was injured in March 2015 when he crashed his World War II-era training plane on a Los Angeles golf course.

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