Health Inspectors Set to Survey Woolsey Fire Damages

Many homeowners are returning to their damaged or destroyed properties following the Woolsey Fire to begin the clean-up process.

Because Los Angeles and Ventura counties declared a local health emergency, removing ash, contaminated soil or other fire debris from destroyed properties must first be inspected by either local, state or federal hazardous materials agencies. Ventura County officials say a state clean-up program, CalRecycle is offered for free for qualifying homeowners.

Since January- that program has removed what was left of 672 properties and 263,925 tons of ash, debris and contaminated soil by the Thomas Fire. The fire debris is collected, moved and designated to landfills under strict regulations.

Ventura County officials ask residents to go to here for information about fire recovery which also lists the "Best Management Practices" for fire debris/ash handling and dust control.

This information also describes what structures can be cleared from the property with no inspection here.

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