Grab Life by the Gonads

Celebrate Testicular Cancer Awareness Week and make sure everything's OK down there.

Testicular Cancer Awareness Week may have just ended but that doesn't mean it's time to forget about men's health

"Getting to know your testicles is something that every man should do," said Wendy Bryan, founder of I Heart Guts, a Los Angeles-based company that creates plush internal organs.

Testicular Cancer Awareness Week is celebrated April 1-7.

Prior to creating a poster in honor of Testicular Cancer Awareness Week, Bryan was curious to see how often men touch their testicles each day, so she used the company's blog to directly ask men.

"It's a very unscientific poll we conducted on our blog, and yes, 40 percent of men who responded to the poll said they touch their testicles more than six times a day. So it's quite a number," said Bryan.

Bryan's company created a simple yet effective poster: "Grab Your Gonads." It's available for sale on the I Heart Guts website.

"We wanted to break it down into a few steps to become accustomed to your testicles. What do they feel like? If there are any small lumps, that's something you should report to your doctor right away," said Bryan.

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