Grow Longer Eyelashes

If you have short eyelashes,a possible solution: a new medicine that makes them grow longer and thicker, Dr Bruce Hensel reported.

"Sounds great, but there may be some downsides. This drug is experimental; while more study is done, you need to know benefits and risks," Dr. Hensel said.

When Jennifer Dean hit her twenties, her already meager eye lashes really started thinning: "I would have to put 2, 3, 4 different coats of mascara on to really see the effect that i wanted," Dean said. 

While mascara helps disguise skimpy eyelashes,some researchers believe a new use of a drug, called Latisse may actually grow them. 

Dermatologist Neil Sadick explains: "This is the first scientifically proven product that has been shown to actually biologically grow and increase the size and diameter of eyelashes." 

Latisse is a less-concentrated version of a glaucoma drug that, as a side effect, caused lashes to bloom . It's believed to keep hair in the growth phase. 

"It allows them to replicate more, to become thicker and longer, giving the appearance of increased density," Dr. Sadick said. 

The medication is applied to the lash line daily, and users may see more lush lashes in about two months. 

"So eight weeks to see the initial improvement, twelve to sixteen weeks to see significant improvement in using this product." 

There are side effects - from eye redness and itching to temporary staining of the skin. Iris color change, a side effect of the glaucoma formulation, has not occurred with the new form. 

"This product is just applied to the surface of the eyelashes, it's not applied directly to the eye itself, and there have been no long-term changes that have occurred using this product," Dr. Sadick said. 

For Jennifer, the only effects she's noticed are longer lashes, and less need for mascara.

"It's actually kinda fun to use because I'm seeing a difference so now I'm like excited to get to the mirror and use it," Dean said.  

"The cost will vary, approximately $125 for a one month prescription. And remember, this medication only produces results for as long as you use it-if you stop, your lashes will return to their pre-Latisse condition. Ask your doctor what's right for you," Dr. Hensel said.

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