Heal Faster From Injuries With Water Therapy

When you are recovering from injury, when you have arthritis, when you have certain diseases, water workouts help you get back on your feet faster than regular physical therapy.

Dr. Bruce Hensel answers some additional questions:
Q: What is water therapy good for?
A: Studies show it can help all injuries and arthritis. Some research shows it may provide some relief for connective tissue diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis as well
Q: What is water therapy NOT good for?
A: It may not be good for people with heart or lung disease, or those who are told (or wish to) avoid water. You should get a full checkup form a doctor and be guided by an expert before beginning any program
Q: What if I am frightened of water?
A: You do not need to put your head under water to get the benefits, and you wear a flotation device, so if you have an expert with you, there is no danger
Ask your doctor for a water therapist referral.

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