Snap On a New Smile

Don't like the way your teeth look?   How about "snapping on" a new smile? Literally and instantly!  Dr. Bruce Hensel reported on this exclusive story.

"This is for kids who can't get or don't want caps or bonding but want a better smile; it's also for those who develop or are born with abnormal tooth coloring; like this very special teenager we met," Dr. Hensel said.

19 year old Kayla Kilby is engaging and lovely. but there's one thing she doesn't like about her looks: her teeth.

Cosmetic Dentist Bill Dorfman explains: "Kayla was born with a condition which basically gave her black teeth."

"I was devastated, all my friends were different than me.  I would go to school with a toothbrush and toothpaste, and brush my teeth all the time, and try to think of these little scenarios to try to make them white and it never worked," Kayla said.

Most people who don't like the color of their teeth can choose tooth whitening, bonding or caps. None of those are ideal choices for Kayla.

"I don't have any enamel hardly at all.  The whitening process that you see in stores and everything, don't usually work on them," Kayla said.

"Although caps look really good, in order to do them you have to grind your teeth down.  She's a young girl she just didn't want her teeth ground down," Dr. Dorfman said.

The solution: a snap on smile.  Pioneered by Dr. Dorfman; it's a simple full set of false teeth.

"Basically all we do is take impressions, we send those to a laboratory, they fabricate the snap on smile, she comes back and boom, snap them on," Dr. Dorfman said.

The impression took just a few minutes.

A few weeks later, Kayla returned for her new smile.

"What do you think?" Dr. Hensel asked.

"they're amazing, I love them.  I was very timid and embarrassed in front of people when I smiled. I hardly ever smile, and now I feel like smiling all the time," Kayla said.

"Easy solution that may be ideal for others who don't want caps but want to improve their smile. there are other solutions.  Ask your dentist which is best for you," Dr. Hensel said. 

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