Website, Twitter, Guilt Can Help You Lose Weight

You tweet every bite, and get tweeted back with shame or congrats.

If you've ever kept a food diary, you know how easy it is to lie a little when you write down what you've eaten. 

Kind of silly when you're the only one looking at the diary.

Now, a new website encourages successful dieting by opening your food diary to the world. Tweet What You Eat at makes it easy to set up a food diary on Twitter, with all the tools you need to keep track of calories, and announce to all your fellow dieting tweeters, what you just consumed. 

Then, your fellow tweeters can either offer you heartfelt congratulations on your will power, shame you about your weaknesses or offer you a digital shoulder to lean on, some atta-boys, and assurances that tomorrow is another day. 

Some followers of Tweet What You Eat, or TWYE as they call it, say it works great, and has helped them lose impressive amounts of weight. Others say it actually makes them eat more, because all they do all day is think about, and tweet, food.

So you be the judge.  See if this new high tech food log is your cup of tea,  or maybe your 800 calorie milkshake.

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