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4th Graders Start Off Day by Finding Inner Chi



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    Meditating on the floor can help start the day off right

    Local schools are working on their approach to physical fitness. Many schools are now starting their school days with fitness. It's not the norm that children are yogis at such a young age, but the 4th graders at Evan Ranch Elementary are finding their inner chi as soon as they enter the classroom. 

    Emily Gantes, a 4th grade teacher at Evans Ranch Elementary said, "It helps them to relax and calm down."

    It makes sense since yoga is all about being calm, focusing on breathing and focusing on relaxing. What can be better for a rambunctious group of students than deep breaths and a great stretching routine to start off the day?

    Another great aspect that Gantes capitalized on was that, "Anybody can do it. Anybody can be successful because you're really only focusing on yourself."

    Since yoga isn't competitive, it's a much appreciated art in the classrooms that makes kids more comfortable and work better together.

    It helps kids to get into the classroom, get their negative energy out and shake out their wiggles and get ready to learn and focus on the school day ahead of them. What a great way to start off the day than with a few focused breaths and a calming way to focus. Looks like adults could take a cue from the 4th graders at Evan Ranch Elementary.