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CT Scans Raise Radiation Concerns



    Could a CT scan meant to help save your life possibly cause you harm? According to a case investigation, it's possible.

    Legislators in Sacramento are now considering tightening up regulations concerning CT scans. This comes after hundreds of patients were exposed to dangerous levels of radiation during routine CT scans. 

    Click on the video above to watch Dr. Bruce Hensel's full report.

    Q&A With Dr. Bruce:

    Q: Was this clearly documented?
    A: Yes. The hospital and the FDA have investigated and stated the overdose was definite.

    Q: What are the symptoms of overexposure?
    A: As with Heuser, rash or hair loss or just feeling unwell, but there may be no symptoms at all. Radiation is cumulative over a lifetime -- the more you get, the more the danger, and it adds up.

    Q: How do you protect yourself?
    A: By asking the technician and radiologist if the machine has been recalibrated to the lowest dose before your test. Ask them to check again while you watch. And keep a record of all the X-rays you get over a lifetime. Tell your doctor how much you've had every time an X-ray is suggested, so you can weigh the risks and benefits.