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The Faces of Covered California

See what health insurance looks like for other Californians to get an idea of your own coverage



    As open enrollment began on Tuesday, thousands utilized NBC4's phone bank to answer questions regarding the new health exchange program. Whit Johnson reports for NBC4 News at 5 p.m. on Oct. 1, 2013. (Published Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2013)

    As Californians sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, meet the men and women who are taking advantage of the historic exchanges to help you understand how the new law might affect you and your family.

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    Nakeya Fields, of Glendale

    “For three years, I have basically been using free clinics and Planned Parenthood. … When I got pregnant with (my son), I couldn’t go get insurance because it was considered a pre-existing condition.”

    • Small business owner
    • Needs coverage for family of 2
    • Annual Income: $34,400
    • Under the GoldPlan, Fields' monthly rate would be between $201 and $302. Her 8-month-old son qualifies for insurance through Medi-Cal.
    • Deductible: $0
    • Brand Drug Deductible: $50
    • Primary Care Copay: $15
    • Emergency room Copay: $75
    • Tax Credit: Fields could qualify for a small business tax credit if she insured her employees, as well.

    Anna Luke Frazier, of North Hollywood
    “So far, my insurance has just been ‘catastrophic,’ just because I’m young enough and I’m healthy enough and I can’t really afford anything else. … It’s a scary position to be in.”

    • Actress
    • Needs coverage for herself
    • Annual Income: $35,000
    • Under the Gold Plan, Luke Frazier’s monthly premium would be between $262 and $379.
    • Deductible: $0
    • General Medication Copay: $19
    • Primary Care Copay: $30
    • Urgent Care Visit Copay: $90

    Jeffray Gardner, of Torrance

    “There are times where we would like to take (our 3-year-old son) to a medical facility but there’s a part of me that says, no, we can’t do that. ... My children have never had a dental check up."

    • Chocolatier
    • Needs coverage for family of 5
    • Annual Income: $55,000
    • Under the Silver Plan – the second lowest cost – his monthly premium would be between $214 and $317.
    • Medical Deductible: $500
    • Brand Drug Deductible: $50
    • General Medication Copay: $5
    • Copay Primary Care Visit: $15
    • He could add dental insurance for his children for as low as $10 per month.

    Matthew Grays, of Pomona
    “It’s an alarming feeling you get inside yourself where, I’m uncertain as to where my future’s gonna lie.”

    • Maintenance worker
    • Needs coverage for family of 4
    • If Grays – who has diabetes and hypothyroidism – chose the Bronze Plan, his monthly premium would be between $4 and $59.
    • Medical Deductible: $5,000
    • Primary Care Visit Copay: $60
    • General Medication Copay: $19
    • Hospital Stays and Surgery: 30 percent responsibility

    Enrique Ramirez, of La Puente
    “My son has been injured in the knee playing football, so I know nothing comes easy, nothing comes cheap. I just want my family to be covered.”

    • Needs coverage for family of 3
    • Annual income: $25,000
    • Ramirez qualifies for Medi-Cal, a free or very low-cost insurance, but can still buy a plan under Covered California.

    The agencies whose members staffed the NBC4's Covered California phone bank on Tuesday include: Access California, St. Francis Medical Center, St. Vincent Medical Center, Los Angeles County Federation of Labor UCFW148 and LA Trade Center, Valley Community Clinic and JWCH Institute.

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