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Perez Hilton Starts Fitness Website



    Perez Hilton Starts Fitness Website
    Creator Perez Hilton

    Perez Hilton, a celebrity blogger has lost something over the past three years, and it's not readers of his blog. He's lost over 60 pounds! Hilton has worked out and lost weight and gained a lot of knowledge of fitness and health. He wants to share this and the importance of health and fitness in every day life on the same platform he does with celebrities. He's started a new blog just for this called Fit Perez.

    The site will be all about encouraging readers to be healthier and happier and live a better lifestyle. He hopes to feature recipes, workouts, interviews with celebrities and celebrity trainers. He also wants to keep readers up to date on all the latest fitness trends and all things related to health. One thing he promises that is similar to his celebrity blog is posting pictures of fit celebrities throughout the website.

    After he worked hard to slim down, he is also going to make the website personal and wants to make sure to include tips that he used and what he personally loves to do when working out. He wants the website to present real health information in a fun and sassy way that will be helpful to the reader. is just another one of Hilton's websites. He has a fashion site, an animal site, an adult-oriented celebrity site and his celebrity blog.