Get Your Kids in the Halloween Spirit With These Healthy Snacks

These five snack ideas are simple enough for kids to help make them.

Halloween is usually associated with candy and sweets, but for those wanting a healthier option to celebrate the holiday, nutrition expert Joy Bauer has some ideas.

Bauer, author of "Yummy Yoga," a children’s book that teaches exercise while providing healthy recipes, acknowledges that getting kids to try nutritious foods can be a challenge.

"As somebody in the field and also as a parent — I raised my own three kids — it is not always easy to get kids to try new foods and energizing exercise, but I think the key ingredient is making it fun," Bauer said.

"You have to make it exciting and engaging, and you know what? They latch on then, and healthy kids grow up to be healthy adults," she added.

The same principle applies to these Halloween snack recipes, which Bauer says are simple enough that children can make them with their parents. All these recipes and others can be found on JoyBauer.com.

Banana Ghosts

Peel and cut a banana in half, then take some semisweet or dark chocolate chips and place them on the banana to form eyes and a mouth. They’re especially delicious when stuck on popsicle sticks and frozen. This is a sweet treat that is sure to lift kids’ spirits!

Witch’s Hand

These creepy treats present a creative and fun way for children to eat their usual snacks. Simply fill a plastic disposable glove and fill it with popcorn, using candy corn as "fingernails" for the hand.

Monster Mouths

This recipe puts a spooky twist on a classic healthy combo: apple and nut butter. Slice the apple and spread a generous amount of nut butter between two slices to form a "mouth." Then, add slivered almonds to the butter so that they stick out like "teeth."

Witch’s Brew

For those interested in a low-calorie alternative to soda, take a La Croix of any flavor and add one or two ounces of pomegranate or cranberry juice. You can even add some pomegranate seeds to the "brew," where they’ll float on the top.

Happy Toast

This is a dish that allows kids to have fun experimenting with their own creations. Take a slice of whole grain toast and choose a base for the "face," whether nut butter, avocado or even Greek yogurt. Then, put out some delicious materials for the children to work with. These can include fruits, veggies, nuts or pretzels. Kids can enjoy the process of making the snack themselves — as well as eating it after it’s finished!

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