Hidden Money is Giving Away More Cash on Halloween

Forget candy. Some trick-or-treaters will be getting cold, hard cash

The people behind Hidden Money are giving away thousands more in cash — this time on Halloween in Los Angeles through an augmented reality smartphone app.

The Augmented Halloween event began Sunday and ends on Halloween night at the stroke of midnight, according to a Hidden Money Facebook post. Participants will roam the streets using the Metaverse iPhone app. That's where they'll see ghosts and ghouls and other "experiences" that will lead them to virtual gifts that can be redeemed for a chance to win money.

If you're late to the scavenger hunt, don't worry. There's still lots of moola left.

"Some of the ghosts have said that they aren't ready to leave, so we're not exactly sure how long they'll hangout. There's plenty of money still up for grabs!!" said Facebook user Francis Hawke, who is listed as the event organizer.

For more information on the scavenger hunt, visit the Hidden Money Facebook event page.

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