Los Angeles

Surf's Up! High Surf Advisory Issued for SoCal Beaches

Southern California residents beat the heat by heading to the beach, but lifeguards advised to be careful due to the big swell

A high surf warning was issued this week as waves between 5 and 9 feet were expected to hit some Southern California beaches.

The advisory recommends inexperienced swimmers avoid going into the water as riptides were underfoot. The southerly swell will produce strong rip currents and dangerous swimming conditions for inexperienced swimmers.

"People need to make sure they swim and surf within their abilities and swim and surf in front of a lifeguard tower," Capt. Brian Lanich, a Los Angeles County lifeguard.

Adel Soriano and her 4-month-old son Lucas, stayed close. She was thankful they didn't have to be at home in Whittier in scorching triple-digit heat.

"Every summer seems like it's progressively hotter," she said.

Roger Gamboa-Rios said you can't beat the beach. "It's just refreshing."

The Gamboa-Rios family escaped the heat, by bringing their 5-year-old daughter to build sand castles instead of sweating at home in South Gate. "It's summer and we're supposed to be out in the sun having fun."

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