Los Angeles

Southern California Theater Blends High Tech, Luxury

The Playa Vista theater features state-of-the-art technology

One of America's most technologically advanced and luxurious movie theaters has opened in Los Angeles' Playa Vista neighborhood.

The Cinemark theatre, which allows moviegoers to recline on massive loungers while watching a 72-foot-wide wall screen, is located in the heart of high-tech Silicon Beach.

"We knew when we put in a new theater here it had to be state of the art when it came to technology," Cinemark spokesman James Meredith said.

The theater offers real 3-D capability, all digital technology, VIP seating, a cocktail lounge and several auditoriums, one of which has more than 400 seats. Wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor movie screens are available in all auditoriums, helping create a state-of-the-art viewing environment.

"It's the most luxurious and technologically advanced theater in Los Angeles," Meredith said. "It is by far the best environment to watch a big blockbuster movie."

The Playa Vista theater is part of Cinemark's high-end brand that launched during the last two years.

The theater's opening comes ahead of the launch of Runway, a new entertainment, dining and shopping destination in Playa Vista, according to a statement. The complex is scheduled to open in May.

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