Hillary Clinton in SoCal on First Stop of 2016 Presidential Campaign

Protesters held a Beverly Hills demonstration against a proposed trade deal

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton visited the Los Angeles area Thursday for a series of fundraisers for her 2016 campaign.

Clinton had breakfast and lunch at private fundraisers in Westwood and Pacific Palisades, both of which cost $2,700 to attend, according to media reports. She was slated to have dinner at yet another fundraiser event in LA Thursday night.

The meals were the former secretary of state's first in Southern California as a candidate for president in 2016. Clinton announced her bid for president on April 13, under seven years after she conceded the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama in 2007.

Clinton, the presumptive front-runner for the Democrats' nominee in 2016, made no public appearances and her representatives didn't explain why Clinton was in the Southland; those details were reported by the Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

The $2,700-per-person cost of entry is the maximum amount individuals can spend on a campaign.

Clinton was in the Bay Area Wednesday for more fundraising, and would return Friday to stump some more.

Protesters held a demonstration Thursday afternoon, hoping to draw Clinton's attention over a controversial trade deal now being considered in Congress, the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Opponents of the trade agreement claim it will continue the trend of exporting millions of high-paying jobs to low-wage countries, reduce wages for 90 percent of American workers, lower food safety and environmental standards, and increase human rights abuses.

The Obama administration says the partnership will boost economic growth by increasing American exports, support the creation and retention of American jobs, and promote innovation.

City News Service and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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