hit and run

Wild Hit-and-Run in Downey Caught on Camera

A huge bang was heard outside a Downey home Monday where suspects of a hit-and-run left the scene just before police arrived.

That huge bang was the impact of a car crashing into Michelle Obispo’s parked Toyota Camry seconds before the other car flipped over.

“I started screaming ‘Is everyone okay, is someone there?’,” she said.

Obispo and her sister in law then saw a man stumble and crawl out of the overturned vehicle. Then, a second man slipped and fell as he got out of the same overturned car.

Obispo and her sister in law tried to get the second man to stay, but he fled before police arrived.

“He was really drunk,” Obispo said. “You can see in his face and eyes, he was really drunk.”

Police are actively investigating and are asking for the public’s help to locate the suspects of this hit-and-run. If you have any information, please contact Sgt. Haime Pelayo at 562-904-2342.

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