Hobbled But Happy Terrier Named ‘Petey Pi' Needs Home

"It's time that he find his forever home now."

An "amazingly sweet" three-legged dog unbowed by his physical challenges is in need of a home.

"Petey Pi," a 2-year-old wire-haired terrier mix, was brought into the Western Riverside County Animal Shelter in Jurupa Valley with a shattered right hind leg that had to be amputated, but he fully adjusted to the loss and is now waiting to be adopted.

"He always shows so much love to everyone, even though he suffered such a severe injury," said county Department of Animal Services veterinary technician Katherine Buff. "He is an amazingly sweet dog." 

Petey was found injured near Perris on Jan. 12. Veterinary staff at the shelter attempted to medicate and nurse him back to health, but the limb was too far gone to mend, and in early February, it was removed, according to Animal Services spokesman John Welsh.

He said Buff became attached to the canine and took him into her home to foster and ensure that he healed completely.

"We love him, but it's time he find himself a permanent home," said Buff, who already has a house full of pets. "It's time that he find his forever home now. We'll miss him very much, but he'll make an awesome pet for a family.''

Video of Petey Pi -- the latter part of his name is a jocular play on the arithmetical constant that refers to 3.14, for his legs -- shows him running and jumping without a bother. 

Anyone interested in adopting the dog should contact the shelter at, or 951-358-7387.

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