Hollywood Actor Says Weinstein Sex Harassment Allegations Are ‘Tip of Iceberg'

More Hollywood actors are coming out after the Harvey Weinstein accusations, saying he is just the tip of the iceberg and claiming there are predators in powerful studio roles.

One actor told NBC4 he has experienced it and wants the industry to be proactive to protect actors who are desperately following their dreams.

"You almost are made to feel if you don't do that, you aren't going to get to the next level," said Ronnie Kroell, who hit Hollywood nearly nine years ago when he was on the reality show, "Make Me a Supermodel."

Dozens of film roles and modeling campaigns later, he says he has had his share of what he calls gatekeeper predators using their powerful positions to demand sex.

"You kind of freeze up," he said.

When the Harvey Weinstein accusations happened, it struck a cord. He posted a Facebook post saying that it isn't just women that have experienced sexual predators in Hollywood.

"Some of these individuals use their positions of power to do something selfishly, with the promise of getting a role in a film," he said. "There is a lot of people in my circle of friends that have been directly influenced by a sexual predator in the industry or has known someone that has been."

He said the odds are already stacked against aspiring actors going through hoops, chasing a dream.

He said he knows of others with similar experiences.

Dr. William Mochon, a psychiatrist, says it's part of an ingrained culture.

"There is a culture that is built around every institution that then protects that institution," he said.

Mochon, who dealt with the Catholic Church abuse scandal, says changing the culture in Hollywood is key to making things safer for actors and actresses.

"It is a culture that can be changed, rooting out the offenders," Mochon said. "Come forward and take the risk."

Kroell said it's not the victims' fault.

"They don't have to live with the shame," he said. "They don't have to blame themselves. They should have never been put in the position in the first place."

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