Highland Park

Home Surveillance Camera Captures Highland Park Peeper

"He waited for us to go home. He was watching us," the homeowner said

Tracy Serrano can keep a close eye on her Highland Park house with the help of an app that's directly connected to surveillance cameras. But early Sunday morning, when she and her husband were returning from a party, the cameras captured a frightening sight she wasn't aware of.

Video shows the two of them coming home — and also a man lurking in the darkness nearby.

Serrano didn't receive the app alert because her phone was broken and her husband's was put away in a closet.

Moments after the couple goes inside, the intruder appears on a stoop. He doesn't knock, only tries the knob, which was locked.

"He waited for us to go home," Serrano said. "He was watching us."

As the Serranos prepare for bed inside, the man appears in their back yard, this time lurking outside a window. He goes away, then returns.

According to the app, he was there for more than 10 minutes, standing in the darkness.

"To think that he was, maybe, within five feet of us, trying to watch us sleep is very unnerving," Serrano said.

Serrano has alerted the LAPD, which she says has opened an investigation.

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