Homeless Man Tosses Rock Onto Car Windshield in Pomona

A homeless man allegedly illegally living on private property in Pomona damaged a man's car with a rock Friday, police said.

The incident occurred after the victim saw three homeless men dumping items on a private property north of the 60 Freeway on Towne Avenue, Sgt. Brian Hagerty of the Pomona Police Department said.

The victim began recording the men dumping items on the property, with police saying that multiple homeless encampments were located on the private property.

One of the men got upset and responded by kicking the victim's car and windows, which was caught on video, Hagerty said.

When the victim attempted to get closer to record the licence plate of a vehicle that had pulled up, the homeless man threw a rock onto the vehicle and damaged the hood and windshield, said Hagerty.

The victim filed a felony vandalism report, police confirmed.

Police said they have cleaned up the encampments on the private property and believed they have identified the suspect.

However, the suspect has not been arrested, and police believe the suspected vandal knows that the police are searching for him.

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