Father Shoots Intruder Found in Daughter's Bedroom

A suspected intruder was shot by an Ontario homeowner early Tuesday morning after his daughter alerted him that someone broke into her bedroom, authorities said.

"I had complete tunnel vision. I didn't know I hit him until he fell on the floor," Arthur Corral, the homeowner, said.

The shooting occurred around 12:14 a.m. in the 1800 block of North Parkside Court, according to the Ontario Police Department.

It was unclear why the person who was shot was in the home at the time, police said, but they found signs that he forced his way into the residence.

Authorities said the suspected intruder was released from jail the day before, and was wandering to different areas of the city.

"We told the [dispatcher] that if he does any signs of an aggression, I will protect myself," Corral said.

The homeowner said he shot the man after he broke into his daughter's bedroom. The homeowner's son said he got a glimpse of the intruder, who was described as a man in his 30s only wearing shorts.

Corral said he fired three rounds and did not realize he struck the intruder until he saw the man fall to the floor. Corral said the man was still in his 19-year-old daughter's bedroom when he confronted him.

The family said they did not know the intruder, identified by authorities as Jose Andres Alfaro Chavez, who was in stable condition Tuesday afternoon.

"We only have one side of the story," said Cpl. Fred Alvarez. "We have not been able to talk to the suspect."

The family is cooperating with investigators.

Victor Contreras, a neighbor who lives nearby on 7th Street, told NBC4 that before the shooting, someone was jiggling door knobs of his home, so he called 911.

Contreras said the 32-year-old suspect appeared hungry, was not wearing shoes, and was carrying a bible.

"He didn't look violent. He looked like a guy who really needed help because I wasn't startled," Contreras said.

Officers said they had already picked the suspect up and dropped Chavez off at a home on Virginia Avenue. Family members said he lives there with his mother.

Corey Arvin and Oleevia Woo contributed to this report.

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