House Full of Rabbits Triggers Insect Invasion: Neighbors

A homeowner's apparent passion for rabbits has triggered an insect invasion, making life miserable for people living nearby

The buzz in a Westchester neighborhood is flies, in numbers too high to count.

One neighbor’s apparent passion for rabbits has triggered an insect invasion -- making life miserable for people living nearby.

Over the last six weeks, the house of Mike Simmons has been home to a possible million of flies.

"You can't even walk in your backyard," Simmons said. "They land on you, they're all over the place."

Animal control investigators who’ve visited the property say Simmons' neighbor is either breeding or hoarding domestic rabbits. There is a small barn and outdoor enclosure filled with the furry creatures.

Mark Salazar, director of Los Angeles Animal Control, said officials found approximately 110 rabbits located on the property and not zoned properly. The homeowner was cited for violating zoning regulations for the rabbits.

"She needs to remove the rabbits immediately," Salazar said.

Though there is legally no limit to the number of rabbits a person can own, Salazar said a property must be big enough to maintain the animals 20 feet from the home and 35 feet away from neighboring homes.

The homeowner never answered the door for NBC4, but it’s clear the buzz around the flies goes beyond the Simmons home next door.

"It’s affecting your daily life, you can’t leave food at your own home," said Westchester homeowner Danny Coolidge. "Even if you close the door they are there."

Coolidge lives across the street, and concedes she still has it better than Simmons.

Simmons has taken photographs, and they reveal the nuisance and health risks associated with an insect infestation. He’s battling just to enjoy his home.

"I don't like flies, I don't want flies in my house, I don't want flies flying around, nobody does, nobody wants flies!" Simmons said.

The homeowner has been given a warning to remove the rabbits this month, and animal services said they will come by to make sure she complies.

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